Is fruited beer for you? Wisconsin craft brewers use fruit to brew more than just `overfruited` sour slushies
GREEN BAY - Fruit and beer have gone together for centuries, but lately fruit infused beers push the limits of what can be considered beer. So how did we get from orange peel in a witbier to 55 gallons of passion fruit puree in a golden ale? (And that`s not even the most fruited of fruited beers.)

It`s a combination of the endless experimentation of brewers, easier sourcing, and an attempt to appeal to new audiences.

This year`s Locals Only beer, a collaboration by eight Green Bay area breweries, is on trend with juice and zest from 60 pounds of limes and 150 pounds of coconut flakes. It`s the seventh collaborative beer released each May around American Craft Beer Week...

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Ken Notes: I once was a don`t fruit the beer guy, but a lot of these sound worth a road trip, and ice cream???...

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