5 Wisconsin beer gardens worth a stop while traveling this summer
If there`s one thing that six months of winter teaches me each year, it`s how to fully appreciate the simple joy of drinking beer outside in shorts and a T-shirt.

To date, I can`t recall a time I was sipping a crisp beer as a warm summer breeze swirled about while thinking, "Well this sucks." It`s from that place that I offer my best beer advice: If a brewery offers outdoor seating, take it. We`ll be packed into our parkas soon enough.

Here are five beer gardens for your consideration while traveling across Wisconsin this summer....

Badger State Brewing

Central Waters Brewing: barrels of rural vibes

Door County Brewing Co. Taproom & Music Hall

Fifth Ward Brewing

Fox River Brewing Company


Ken Notes: Seems worth a road trip! These are in the Fox Valley, Green Bay and Door County. Make sure to send us your events especially if you have a calendar, I am building the ultimate resource for events in Wisconsin...

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