(Build Your Own) Brat Fest offers a unique twist for 2021 with plenty of places to go

MADISON, Wis. (WMTV) - Memorial Day weekend is nearly upon us. Around here, the unofficial start of summer brings with it the smell of brats cooking in the air and the feeling of knowing with each bite that you are helping a worthy local charity. That’s right: BratFest is back!

And, after spending last summer cooped up and stir-crazy, the timing couldn’t be better. The Centers for Disease Control & Prevention recently revisions to its COVID-19 protocols opened the door for fully vaccinated people to open their doors and start hanging out again, oftentimes without masks or without worrying about how far apart you were.

Unfortunately, the world may not quite back to cranking out 12,000 bratwursts per hour at the Alliant Energy Center yet, that’s not going to stop organizers from thinking big for 2021. So, instead of one big World’s Largest Brat Fest, how about scores and scores of people and businesses building their own Brat Fests?

That’s just what they are doing. The 2021 Build Your Own Brat Fest will let people buy their own brats which they can grill up on their own in their own mini backyard version. Or, those who don’t feel like doing their own grilling can head down to one of dozens of locations hosting their not-quite-the-world’s-largest Brat Fest....

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