Comparing Riverwest Stein NA to R.L. Stine YA
Last week, the fine folks at Lakefront Brewery officially announced the release of a non-alcoholic version of Riverwest Stein, the delicious flagship beer it’s been making for 34 years. The new release, Riverwest Stein NA, is the brewery’s maiden voyage into “near beer” territory and is one of the first (if not THE FIRST) of its kind in the Milwaukee craft beer market. Not only is Riverwest Stein NA a revolutionary new product for one of the state’s longest-running breweries, it’s also a great low-alcohol take on Lakefront’s iconic amber lager and one that can be enjoyed by both drinkers and non-drinkers alike.

- - Volume: 9 - WEEK: 24 Date: 6/10/2021 1:22:58 PM -