We are officially a WINERY!!! WINEaLOT Greenleaf WI

Posted by Miranda Demske on

It`s official, we are officially a WINERY!!!

WINEaLOT Vineyards is the new and growing vineyard in Greenleaf, WI south of Green Bay.

After 9 months working with the federal government and the state of Wisconsin, WINEaLOT Vineyards has received all the necessary permits to sell WINE!! We are SUPER excited to move forward and start this next journey.

The past 9 months have been a roller coaster for us. In July 2020, we submitted our federal permit applications. While this took time to complete, little did we know it was the easiest step in the process. 3 months later, we received the federal basic permit, we were so excited!! This meant in the eyes of the federal government, WINEaLOT Vineyards was a winery! The next step was to apply for the state permits....

Their Website is Here!


Ken Notes: Interesting read -- and the process sounds daunting, glad you made it and good luck...

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