SUMMER ARTS GUIDE* 2021: A cautiously optimistic look ahead at live music, theater, art fairs and festivals

Get ready for Concerts on the Square in a stadium.

As the weather warms and vaccination rates climb, local public health officials are “cautiously optimistic” that live bands, theater, opera and art fairs will return this summer.

Of course, those events won’t look the same. Shows Madisonians could once attend on a whim in pre-pandemic days may require a ticket to reserve part of a spaced-out grid. Events with tickets, like American Players Theatre or concerts at Breese Stevens Field, won’t sell as many.


Ken Notes: Excuse me, but this is not an optimistic view by any stretch of the imagination. I am vaccinated and I hope that we can return to a much closer to normalcy structure soon. I hope that our venues can trust their patrons, the vaccines, and and create and allow safe events without pods, exponentially limited seating, or cancellations. At what point may we allow adults to be responsible for their own behavior and health.

Please support your local establishments safely!

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