Two Wisconsin craft breweries keep climbing Brewers Association sales rankings

Three Wisconsin craft breweries were among America`s top 20 independent beer producers and top 30 of all American breweries by sales volume last year, according to an annual report released by the Brewers Association, a not-for-profit trade association. Two of those Wisconsin craft breweries continued to climb the rankings.

Among American independent breweries, New Glarus Brewing ranked 12th in the nation followed by Stevens Point Brewery (16th) and Minhas Craft Brewery (18th). New Glarus and Point moved up from 15th and 22nd in 2018...


Ken Notes: Ah to be young again, in the 70`s I lived in Waupaca and worked as a sheriff in an amusement park where we sold 3 Ounces of Point Special for a nickle. While I rounded up Dirty Dan with the kids, mom and dad sat in the saloon... Amazing I made to to my 60`s. Of course nickle beer is gone but both Point, Minhaus and New Glarus are crafting some great new product. Actually both Point and Minhaus brew custom batches for smaller craft labels so technically you can start a company with nothing but a recipe. Finally Deb Carey (New Glarus) may be the most brilliant marketing person on the planet.

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