Fans of Racine Brewing Co. have been `screaming for a lager.` Thanks to a new collaboration, they have one

RACINE — Customers of Racine Brewing Co. have been “screaming for a lager” ever since the business opened, according to its owners. However, the brewery had not been able to provide, because it was not equipped with the proper accessories

Angie Molina, who owns the brewery along her husband, Andy, said the large interest was probably because “it’s a good, classic-style beer.”

However, thanks to a collaboration with Verona-based Wisconsin Brewing Co., those customers will soon get their wish.

In its first collaboration, Racine Brewing Co., 303 Main St., has brought a Racine native back to his hometown as well as RBC’s first-ever German lager to its taps. Additionally, a hazy IPA is a part of the collaboration; a dual release is planned for both beers in mid-June at WBC, RBC and RBC’s beer garden....


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