Inoculator 24.8
The strongest beer ever produced by an Oshkosh brewery is about to be "unleashed." Bare Bones Brewery`s Inoculator clocks in at a walloping 24.8% ABV. There`s no formal record-keeping for this sort of thing, but Inoculator may very well be the strongest beer ever produced by a Wisconsin brewery.

The idea came from Dan Dringoli, who launched Bare Bones with his wife Patti Dringoli in 2015. His thoughts began to drift in the direction of strong beer last year while his stepson Jared Sovey was working on the launch of Tight Barrel Distillery in Menasha. "Spirits have always intrigued me," Dringoli says. "I began thinking about how strong can you make a beer and I wondered why no one in Wisconsin was trying to make a super high-gravity beer. So, I challenged Jody to create `the strongest beer` in Wisconsin. He did not let me down."

Ken Notes: 24.8% that`s 50 Proof, they should call it Pirates Blend. I would be interested to here from some who have tasted it. This story was sent to me by Dan and was posted in the blog by Lee Reiherzer Oshkosh Beer (Brewing, Pouring & the History of Beer in Oshkosh, Wisconsin) a fun read! I am sure we will include stories from here in the future...

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