Now Entering the Golden Age of N/A Beer

Now Entering the Golden Age of N/A Beer

In just five years, the category has moved beyond its staid roots to become a booming industry with its own cast of big-name players and independent upstarts.

There are few nodes of drinking culture more saturated, more spoilt for choice, more endlessly iterated upon in the 21st century than craft beer. Saunter into any microbrew market and you’d be forgiven for becoming instantly mind-warped from the sheer maximalism of all the options. But look closer, past the Double Chunky Cheeky Stouts, Guava Java Smoothie Sours and Gothic Baltic Barleywines and you’ll discover a category undergoing something like a soft revolution, gently nudged aloft on the twinned winds of societal trends and market forces.

I am, of course, referring to the fast-growing, unexpectedly delicious world of nonalcoholic beer....


Notes: Untitled Art in Wisconsin is mentioned as a leader in this category!

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