7 Great Whiskeys From Around the US to Drink During Super Bowl LVII

7 Great Whiskeys From Around the US to Drink During Super Bowl LVII

When the Super Bowl comes around each year, it’s a great opportunity to take some time to appreciate not just the big game itself but also all of the snacks, drinks, commercials and traditions surrounding it. If you’re looking for something new and exciting to sip on when tuning in for Super Bowl LVII, why not explore some unique spirits from across America?

Check out our list of seven sips from around the country that will have you feeling like a winner, no matter who actually wins on game day...

Driftless Glen Bourbon (Wisconsin)

Driftless Glen’s bourbon is distilled and matured entirely on its campus in Baraboo, Wisconsin. With water drawn from a natural aquifer and local grains used for distillation, it offers a unique character that showcases the heritage of the region.

Bottled at 48% ABV, this bourbon has a moderate viscosity that gives it great flavor without an overwhelming heat or alcohol component. On the palate, you’ll find brown butter, toffee, honey and peppercorns with a nice oakiness in the background. The result is an underappreciated bottle that drinks like a mature whiskey with plenty of character to offer....


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