Three road trips that are even better in winter

Three road trips that are even better in winter

 There`s plenty of scenery and places to stop that are open year-round.

Contrary to popular belief, you can take a road trip in the winter. With proper preparation and planning, hitting the road during the winter months can be a fun and unforgettable travel experience.

Looking for winter road trip ideas?...

Chicago to Mineral Point, Wisconsin (170 miles)

Whether you live in Chicago or use it as a jumping-off point for a couple of days exploring the Midwest, this route is a winner. Hit the road early and stop in Rockford for breakfast at The Stockholm Inn--try their Swedish pancakes with lingonberries or salt herrings. Then, check out the Nicholas Conservatory and Gardens for tropical-temperature fun if you want to stretch your legs without freezing your toes.

Stop in Monroe, Wis., to visit Minha`s Distillery. See how they make their products and warm up with (small) samples of their vodka, rum and gin. Looking for offbeat attractions? The Toy Train Barn Museum in Argyle, Wis., is fun for the entire family.

Once you reach Mineral Point, you`ll wonder why you haven`t been vacationing here for years. Hang your hat at The Mineral Point Hotel...

Ken Notes: I`d swing by Madison, but a great trip!

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