Ishnala Wisconsin Dells
Kathleen, my wife, kidnaps me for my birthday each year and this year it was a cabin in the Dells. The highlight of the trip may have been a trip to Ishnala Supper Club where I was pleased to see that their signature brandy old fashioned was made with their own private label  brandy.

The drinks were fantastic and the hors d`oeuvres and french onion soup were off the chart, not to mention desert!! The three and a half hour wait for a table prevented us from an actual dinner, but the bar staff and gift shop still made the evening very special.

Our gift shop hostess, Maddie Griffis, let us know their brandy was from Central Standard Distillery out of Milwaukee...


Ken Notes: If your bar or restaurant has the volume to justify it, consider having a local distillery brand your signature beer, wine or spirit. It is a win win for everyone!

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