Salud! New whiskey, bourbon and rye flow into Wisconsin stores
A few years ago, Andy Faris was feeling burnt out on his career (“IT, in the networking field”) and ready for a change. He attended a mergers-and-acquisitions seminar then suggested to his wife, Stacy Shunk, that they buy a distillery.

“She said, ‘Well, where is it?’ and I said it’s in Peoria,” Faris said. “And she said, ‘Over my cold, dead body am I moving to Peoria.’”

It took some convincing, but the couple did make the move from Minnesota to Illinois, where they are now the owners of JK Williams Distilling. To their surprise and pleasure, Peoria turned out to be “a lovely town, surprisingly beautiful,” Faris said. And it was “built on whiskey.” Before Prohibition, Faris said, the river city was “the whiskey capital of the world.” ...


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