Betty White Fans Bought Her Beers at This Wisconsin Bar in Case She Ever Showed Up — Now the Money Is Going to Help Animals

Commerce Street Brewery is located in the hometown of White`s late husband Allen Ludden.

The Commerce Street Brewery in Mineral Point, Wisconsin has allowed both regulars and first-timers to buy a beer in advance for a friend, which could be collected on their next visit to their pub. The bartenders kept track of everyone who had a brew waiting for them in a charmingly analog way: by writing their name on a giant chalkboard hanging on the wall.

For the past several years, the top name on the list has been Betty White, who had more than 40 beers waiting for her if she ever happened to be in the area. The idea that the beloved Golden Girls star, who died last week at age 99, might make her way to southwest Wisconsin wasn`t that far-fetched: her late husband Allen Ludden was originally from Mineral Point and is buried in the city`s Graceland Cemetery...


Ken Notes: Here`s to Betty, Blonds, Beer and all those who will be road tripping to Graceland (in Wisconsin) to have a drink with Allen....

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