Lakefront Brewery: Releases “My Turn Tyler” Grand Cru.

MILWAUKEE (January 13, 2022) – My Turn number 41, in a long line of employee-made beer, is a Belgian-style Grand Cru. Tyler Senz is a long-time Brewery employee and a favorite brewing tech. “The term Grand Cru indicates a more elaborate version of a brand,” said Senz. “It denotes a limited production of a special or higher quality beer. If I do say so myself.”

The My Turn Tyler, Grand Cru, tastes of dark brown sugar, dried cherry and dates from Belgian yeast joined together with a caramelly and toasty base. “Tyler and the brewers crafted something special,” said Lakefront Brewery Brand Manager, Michael Stodola. Usually, our My Turn series serves up something interesting, but Tyler takes that one step farther. It’s a special liquid.”...


- - Volume: 10 - WEEK: 3 Date: 1/14/2022 12:09:01 PM -