Craft Beer Infusions: How To Add Unique Flavors To Your Favorite Craft Beers
A hazy pale ale with juicy orange slices. A roasty porter with vanilla beans and freshly ground coffee. No matter the ingredients, beer infusions make craft beer even more creative, enticing, and more enjoyable for you!

Think of a beer infuser – also known as a hop rocket or Randall – as a metal tea bag hooked into a beer line. (It’s about the size of a growler.) Once installed, you have the creative freedom to fill the infuser with whatever you want mixed into a beer. When you or a beertender pulls the tap handle, beer moves from the keg, through the infuser to soak up the product, back into the line, before fragrantly filling your glass...

A few infusions we’ve tried at Garth’s Brew Bar so far include:
  • A pale ale infused with fresh watermelon
  • A kölsch infused with whole coffee beans
  • A pale ale infused with SweeTARTS
  • A peanut butter porter infused with Count Chocula cereal
  • A blonde ale infused with ginger snap cookies


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