13 Best Beer Brands For People Who Don`t Like Beer
11. Leinenkugel`s
Flavored beers don`t have to be saccharin or overpowering. This family-run brewery — clocking in at six generations of Leinenkugel`s and running — features a range of flavored beers. Anyone shy about the bitterness of hoppy beers can find a smooth or sweet style to ease into the category.

Leinie — the shortened version of a long name — includes a traditional lemonade and grapefruit variety of summer shandy for the hot days of summer. We recommend the Honey Weiss for its classic German style made with real Wisconsin honey. A Weiss beer is a wheat-based ale with hints of clove, banana, and bubblegum flavors, according to Renegade Brewing. The added honey complements the sweet and spice of this golden ale.

Alternatively, the Leinie Chocolate Dunkle and Snowdrift Vanilla Porter are full-bodied options if fruit isn`t your favorite. The porter claims it "perfectly complements marshmallow sweet potato casserole" or "glazed ham with cherries." Consider bringing a Leinie to dinner this holiday instead of your usual red...


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