Why Ready-To-Pour Spirits Are A Cocktail Game Changer

Why Ready-To-Pour Spirits Are A Cocktail Game Changer

Indulging in a cocktail, whether at brunch with friends, on a fancy date, or even to unwind after a long day, is one of many ways we can treat ourselves to something special. The artful science of mixology has been deeply embedded into cultures around the globe, particularly when it comes to celebrating regional cuisines and experimenting with both new and familiar flavors. There exists a vast variety of sippers for just about any occasion imaginable, each with a unique recipe and history...

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Ken Notes: This is a great idea for distilleries, but do not forget the aspect of getting together with friends at the local watering hole. We need to develop some bottom shelf Wisconsin craft liquors so our local taverns and restaurants are mixing with Wisconsin Craft product. Just a thought...

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