Sampling local maibocks

It`s the Greatest of All Time(s)…of year for the spring seasonal. Plus a roundup of other noteworthy beers around town.

April is the height of maibock availability. Among those I’ve been enjoying most this year is Wisconsin Brewing Company’s GOAT, a solid example of the traditional German maibock, a style that is all about the subtleties of malt. GOAT is a dark golden lager, soft, smooth and easy drinking, with an inviting sweetness from Vienna and Pilsner malts. There is also the herbal accent of Hallertau Mittelfrüh hops. Brewmaster Kirby Nelson is well known for his German lagers. GOAT has actually evolved over the past few years, emerging from the brewery’s previous maibocks including Betrayal Ale and Big Sweet Life.


Ken Notes: What a great read and many more great beers at the link. Enjoy!

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