Take a short drive to one of these 21 area wineries

There are a proliferating number of wineries in the area.

When it comes to wine destinations, south central Wisconsin might not cross the serious global wine aficionado’s radar. The state has a reputation for sweeter varieties?—?most famously Door County’s fruit-infused bottles. But in our area, there’s an oversized cellar’s worth of high-quality wineries that offer not just an array of signature vintages for dry- or sweet-loving palates, but also unforgettably rustic and pastoral environs in which to drink them.
  • Bailey’s Run Vineyard & Winery
  • Botham Vineyards & Winery
  • Cambridge Winery
  • Drumlin Ridge Winery
  • Odilon Ford Winery
  • Wollersheim Winery
  • American Wine Project
  • Balanced Rock Winery
  • Baraboo Bluff Winery
  • Broken Bottle Winery
  • Edwin Brix Vineyard
  • Fermenting Cellars Winery
  • Hawk’s Mill Winery
  • Lewis Station Winery
  • Minhas Winery
  • Narrows Creek Winery
  • Northleaf Winery
  • Rock N Wool Winery
  • Stable Rock Winery
  • Timber Hill Winery
  • Von Klaus Winery


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