How Wisconsin craft breweries are working to stay afloat

DE PERE (NBC 26) — "I definitely would have thought we`d have, we`d be open for a year by now," said Matt Walters.

He and his brother had the idea to open up their own craft brewery back in 2019, Cocoon Brewing. They had planned to be open by the spring 2020, but that dream stopped dead in it`s tracks when March came around. First it was the pandemic that slowed them down, but now inflation and supply issues are causing more setbacks. Thankfully, the groundbreaking is happening in the next few weeks.

Craft brewing is a hot industry that more and more people are sinking their teeth into, but it`s proving to be volatile. The Brewers Association reports at least 53 craft breweries in the U.S. shut their doors at the beginning of this year. That`s up from 42 closures in 2021, and more are expected...


Ken Notes: We need to work together also we need to think about product to compete with the global "big guys" worth 768.17 billion in 2021. I hope we can get draft with good margins into every pub in the state. I would be happy to promote this and if we can show jobs I`ll bet we can get WEDC and the legislature on board...

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