Paradise North Distillery owner follows dream, creates destination business
The Green Bay Packers might be the greatest tourist draw in the area, but Tom Feld, owner of Paradise North Distillery in Green Bay, is hoping his new business will become another talked-about destination.

Located on 101 Bay Beach Road, Feld opened in 2021 after years of planning. He came to the project with decades of business experience in everything from high-level consulting to partnerships in other businesses.

“Other than the hospitality industry, there isn’t any other type of business that I haven’t been part of, but prior to this, I had never had a startup business," Feld said. "What I learned through working with other owners is that if your No. 1 focus is to make money, it won’t end up well.”

The most important ingredient, he said, is to be passionate about the business. That’s what he was seeking when he started to pursue his dream...


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