Tattersall Distilling Offers Proof of Concept for Locally Produced, Circular Spirits at Scale

The microdistiller not only sources grains, fruit and materials from local suppliers — it repurposes as many byproducts of the distilling process as possible, in what’s likely one of the most scalable examples of circularity so far in the spirits business.

While the Upper Midwestern US might not be the first region that comes to mind for sustainable distilling, the work Tattersall Distilling is doing should put it near the top of the list....

...Tattersall operates two locations: a healthy bar & distillery in central Minneapolis; and a brand new, 75,000 sq. ft. flagship facility in River Falls, WI, about 45 minutes east of the Twin Cities. The River Falls facility — which boasts the largest rooftop solar array of any craft distiller in the US — offers the opportunity for the company to scale up production (which currently sits around 300K-500K bottles, according to Kreidler) and continue leveraging the company’s deep connections with grain providers in both states.


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