Tattersall`s New Canned Cocktails Debuting at Rock the Garden

Summer in a can.

Some of y`all got pretty whipped up about a Taco Bell with fast `n` easy taco delivery methods this week. I see you. But let`s take that easy livin` energy to where it really matters: canned cocktails.

Are they the best invention since a Dad came up with the phrase "it`s noon somewhere"? Perhaps.

Tattersall Distilling Co. has been working for nearly three years on their line of canned cocktails. They`ve been releasing seasonal ready-to-drink (easier to just say RTD) bottled cocktails for a while, from the Bootlegger to the Salty Dog. But the move to Wisconsin made it more affordable to use distilled alcohol instead of the more common malt product, which is taxed differently in each state....


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