Central Standard Distillery Partners with Hinterland to Create a Limited-Run Brandy

Central Standard Craft Distillery Cofounders Evan Hughes and Pat McQuillan are unveiling the next release in the distillery’s Brewmasters Series: a collaboration with Hinterland Brewing, the award-winning Green Bay brewing company known for producing beers true to their Wisconsin roots.

“For this brewmasters-series release, we wanted to make it an all-Wisconsin collaboration,” Hughes said. “And no better brewery to partner with than Hinterland, which is literally a stone’s throw from Lambeau and renown throughout the Midwest. Additionally, both of our brands celebrate the outdoors lifestyle of the Midwest and showcase the best of local Wisconsin ingredients.”...


- - Volume: 10 - WEEK: 25 Date: 6/17/2022 9:23:23 AM -