Where to listen to live music on patios in the Madison area

Catch a concert on a patio at a local business throughout the summer.

Nothing quite says summer like sitting outside with a cold beverage with friends or family on a patio. What creates an even better summer scene is the addition of live music.

At various restaurants, bars and venues, live music is a staple of the summer events calendar. Here are a few places where you can listen to music while enjoying the warm weather during these precious summer months...
  • The Biergarten at Olbrich Park
  • Capital Brewing Co.
  • The Cider Farm
  • Garver Feed Mill
  • Hop Haus Brewing Co.
  • Karben4 Brewery
  • Lakeside St. Coffee House
  • Mariner’s Inn
  • Mickey’s Tavern
  • High Noon Saloon
  • Robinia Courtyard
  • Red & White Wine Bar
  • The Wisco
  • Wisconsin Brewing Co.


Ken Notes: Links to all in the article! My fav is Capital Brewing, check out the music here!

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