Made in Wisconsin, only for Wisconsin: What you need to know about New Glarus Brewing`s Spotted Cow beer
Spotted Cow is more than a popular beer. Name another beer that would drive a bar manager to smuggle it across state lines and risk prison to put it on tap.

In Wisconsin, Spotted Cow is just about everywhere. Seriously, you need to go out of your way to find an establishment with a liquor license that doesn`t sell Spotted Cow. For example, the brewery`s beer finder shows 400 bars and restaurants within 50 miles of Wausau. If you add in the liquor stores and other retailers, you hit 400 locations within 33 miles.

A beer this popular also garners a number of articles and Google searching. Not all the information is accurate...


Ken Notes: Hands down, Deb Carey is a marketing guru. She gets more free press for the only In Wisconsin tag than any other brewery. Remember Coors in the 70`s, same thing... I see a 18 wheeler and a Pontiac in the New Glarus future and Deb in a broken down police car chasing them down...

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